How is Your Car Moved during Interstate Transport

Loading BMW i8 onto car carrier
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Car transport is often misunderstood and the benefits often underestimated.

The reason many people choose to use a car carrier to transport their vehicle is because often, there are so many things to think about during a major relocation that it is easier to let a professional take care of everything.

Imagine, just as you let your removals company take care of packing your home and transporting it interstate, you let a car relocation specialist pack up your car and transport it as well.

The freedom and peace of mind you enjoy is immeasurable.

When you ask a car transport company to transport your car, motorcycle, boat or any vehicle, our Customer Support staff set out to make the whole process simple for you.

The car transport company should spend time with you understanding what’s important to you and make every effort to help make your relocation as easy as possible.


Because we understand that relocation can be one of the most traumatic experiences when in actual fact, is should be one of the most exciting!

prixcar loading bmw i8 on truck

How Car Relocation Works

Your car is placed on specifically designed equipment for transportation by road, rail and sea to meet both your schedule and budget requirements.

Before transporting you car, our Customer Service representatives will complete a Transport Contract and Vehicle Condition Report with you. This ensures your car arrives at your destination in the same condition as you provided it to us.

At all times, we aim to protect your car so that when you receive it, you can count on it being in the same condition as when you left it with us.

We don’t drive your car – except where we have to load it on our equipment and our highly experienced staff ensure that this is done with the utmost care.